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Our sweet little Ingrid came to us after her owners were evicted, dumping a bunch of unaltered cats outside when they left. Ingrid was presumably born outside after they were gone and was caught when we trapped the several dozen cats those initial dumpees turned into. It was hard to tell who was tamable because they were traumatized by the whole ordeal, which is why her poor little ear was clipped. Once she realized we were just trying to help her, she became the most lovable little girl ever!

Ingrid is about a year and a half old, she's been spayed, wormed, vaccinated and has perfect litter box manners. She gets along great with other cats and, as easy going as she is, we're sure she'll be just fine with cat friendly canines too, once she gets to know them. People are her most favorite species and she's always ready for a nice long snuggle session with humans of all sizes. Wednesday is her favorite day, because that's when our six and eight year-old kitty cuddlers come to spend time with her. She'd be thrilled to have her very own kids to hang out with in her new family! Her $50 adoption fee will be the best deal you'll ever make!


Did you know that black cats are the hardest to find good homes for? Though silly superstitions still persist, there's no good reason for that. Black cats just tend to get overlooked when there are more colorful cats around. We think they're the cat's meow, sleek, suave and sophisticated. Not to mention having the best personalities! Please consider giving a black kitty like Ingrid the loving home she's been waiting for. You'll both be very glad you did!

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