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Like so many of the cats we take in, Pedro is the offspring of a cat abandoned in a rural area. Unable to care for them all, the person who found them brought them to us. The last step in his journey will be his very own forever home!

About a year and a half old, Pedro has been neutered, wormed, vaccinated and has perfect litter box manners. He gets along great with other cats and we're sure will do well with cat friendly canines too, given some time to get used to them. Like his namesake, English is his second language, and he can be a little shy with new people. Once he knows he can trust you, he's the sweetest more lovable kitty you'd ever want to know and is ready to great you the minute you walk through the door. Even if you don't have a baby for him to kiss. The planks of his Black Cats Rule party platform include lots of quality time with your best buddy, snuggle sessions and plenty of treats for all! Oh, and don't worry, his $50 adoption fee does not constitute influence peddling. No need to wait for November, you can vote for Pedro right now! 


Did you know that black cats are the hardest to find good homes for? Though silly superstitions still persist, there's no good reason for that. Black cats just tend to get overlooked when there are more colorful cats around. We think they're the cat's meow, sleek, suave and sophisticated. Not to mention having the best personalities! Please consider giving a black kitty like Pedro the loving home he's been waiting for. You'll be very glad you did!

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