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This handsome devil landed up in a trap when we were rounding up feral cats in Cusick. He was in pitiful shape, very thin, beat up and frightened, after having to live by his wits for who knows how long. It took awhile to get him healthy and for him to learn to trust people after his ordeal, but now he's as friendly as he can be and ready for his forever home!

We're not sure exactly how old Crawford is, but we think he's about 5 years old. He's been neutered, vaccinated, wormed and is a very good boy with his litter box. Unfortunately, his ear was clipped because that's what happens when cats go to the clinic in a trap, but that just gives a jaunty air to his striking good looks. Just look at those stunning emerald-green eyes! Not just a pretty boy, Crawford has a winning personality as well. He gets along well with other cats and we're sure will do just fine with cat friendly canines too. Very outgoing, he loves hanging out with his favorite people and eats up all the attention he can get. Speaking of eating, he does tend to overcompensate at the food bowl for the desperate times when every day was a struggle to survive. Because of this he may need some portion control in his new home. 

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