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Meet Barn Cats Looking For Work!


It's that time of year when mice and other pesky rodents are looking for a nice cozy place to call home. What better home than your barn and out buildings, especially if you have a supply of grain or chicken feed on hand? We currently have many barn cats needing placements. Of course, like all of our animals, they have been spayed/neutered, wormed and had a rabies shot. They were originally abandoned, or are from feral situations and will never be tame enough to become companion animals. Quite a few have lived in close contact with people, but were never handled. They will come within a few feet of a person, but can't be touched or picked up. Others are quite wild, and will do their best to stay away from people. While you may never see much of the 'Wild Bunch' they'll do a fine job of controlling your voracious rodents. All they ask for in return is shelter, food, thawed water throughout the year, and a safe place to live out their lives.

When they first arrive at your place, they will need to be contained for several weeks while they settle in and realize they are in their new home. If they were to be let out right away, they'd head for the hills and would never be seen again!

We waive our normal adoption fee for barn cats, but your donation is gratefully appreciated to help defray some of the costs of spay/neuter, etc. and so that we will be able to continue helping these cats who haven't been given a fair chance in life. We are one of the few rescues who handle feral cats; at many shelters they would be euthanized or turned away, so we end up having to take in feral cats from a large area. 

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