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Mika & Niko


These two stunning siblings found themselves in quite a pickle when Niko, the handsome black panther with dark amber eyes, decided it would be really fun to 'hunt' the family St Bernard, even though the dog had been in the family since Niko was a little kitten. Well, it didn't take very long before his sister Mika, the gorgeous Russian Blue cross with copper eyes, decided to join in the fun. They must have had their reasons, but seriously, a St Bernard? What were you two thinking?! This was obviously a nerve-wracking situation for their owners, who were trying to keep the dog and cats apart. Things really came to head when a long-planned trip was just days away. Though there would be a pet sitter, they would only be there briefly each day, so their owners were justifiably concerned that they might return to find their home littered with feline body parts. Seeing no other options, Mika and Niko were brought to our shelter.

About 2 years old, Mika and Niko have been spayed/neutered, wormed, vaccinated and are perfect kitties with their litter box. They get along with other cats, but obviously canine companions would not be a good idea in their new home. Mika and Niko are absolutely wonderful with humans of all sizes and come running to greet us. They would love a home where they get lots of quality time with their special people. Wednesdays, when our 6 and 8 year-old kitty cuddlers come to play with them, is their most favorite day! Obviously, loosing their home, though self-inflicted, has been very distressing for them, but as soon as they find their forever home they'll be able to relax and be happy again. A bonded pair, especially after everything they've been through, they need to be adopted together. An adoption fee of just $100 will make them yours, all yours!

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