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Who's a pretty kitty? Phoebe is! She's yet another kitty from a hell hole where we took in dozens of cats and kittens in very pitiful shape. When Mikayla, our wonderful foster, found her she had 6 newborn kittens and definitely needed help!. Thank you Mikayla for getting them out of there and taking good care of them. Now that all Phoebe's motherly duties are finally over, it's her turn to find a forever home of her very own!

We think Phoebe is about 2 years old. She's been spayed, wormed, vaccinated, and, good girl that she is, has perfect litter box manners. Because of her very difficult life before she was rescued, she can be a tad shy with new people and isn't a big fan of being picked up for very long, at this point anyway. Once she knows she can trust you she's the sweetest, most lovable girl ever, whose favorite thing is being petted and spending lots of quality time with her special humans. She's a little unsure about all the shelter cats, but that's perfectly understandable since she's the new kid on the block, trying to figure out where she belongs in the heard. Give this sweetheart a little time to settle in and we have no doubt she'll blossom into the sweetest kitty ever, as she has with us. Oh, and speaking of being a pretty girl, besides her striking marbled tabby markings and sea green eyes, she has just the coolest tail, with dark stripes and an adorable white tip. Very unique! The adoption fee for this gorgeous girl is just $50.

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