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As lovable as he is handsome, Preston was rescued from a horrible, out of control situation involving dozens of cats. Happy to have all that behind him, he's looking forward to his new life with his very own family!

Preston is about 8 months old, he's been neutered, wormed, vaccinated and, good boy that he is, has perfect litter box manners. If you think his left eye looks a bit different, you'd be right about that. As best we can tell he experienced a trauma of some kind to that eye. After more trips to the vet than he'd like to think about, and various eye drops and treatments, we were finally told that, though it's much better, that's the best that can be done for him. He can see just fine and it doesn't seem to bother him, so no further treatment appears to be needed.

The friendliest, most snuggly of cats, Preston gets along great with people of all sizes, both two legged and four. His very most favorite thing is a nice long cuddle with his favorite humans, while he purrs his contentment. Preston will be happiest in a home where he gets lots of quality time with his new family members and would definitely like a kitty buddy or two as well. Mr. Personality at the shelter, he has lots of pals who would love to accompany him home, if you don't already happen to have any feline companions on hand. For an adoption fee of just $50, Preston would be thrilled to be your best friend forever and ever!

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