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We don't know why, but for the last few years an incredibly friendly boy kitty has appeared at our shelter right around St Patrick's day. We don't know if they've been dropped off here, or, if being unaltered, they're out looking for love, but we always name them Brian, after King Brian of Ireland. Very handsome, brave and downright regal, the name fits our Brian perfectly!

We think Brian is about two or three years old. He's been vaccinated, wormed, neutered (he arrived the day before our last spay/neuter clinic last week; perfect timing!) and is a very good boy with his litter box. Coming into the shelter and having to figure out where they belong in the herd, can be daunting at first for most new arrivals. Like starting middle school halfway through the year. Yikes! It didn't take Brian long at all, however, before he was butting heads with his new roomies and making friends. As easy going as he is, we think he'll do just fine with cat friendly canines too, given a little time to get to know them. An equal opportunity love bug, he adores people, but best with older kids and adults. The more time he can spend with his special people in his new home, the happier he will be. He's quite talkative right now because he has a lot to tell us about the hard times he's just gone through. That's often the case with cats who have been through some difficult times but he'll probably settle down once he recovers from his ordeal. A little on the thin side, he was ravenous when he first arrived, but it won't take long for this handsome fellow to fill out to his normal weight. The adoption fee for his most royal highness is a mere $50, the best deal you'll ever make.

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